What do the most successful businesses in the world have in common? What’s the secret that enables them to stand the test of time?


A great product that customers rave about? Of course.


A passionate and motivated team? Absolutely.


An inspired leader who shows the way? No question.


But none of these things matter very much unless they’re all working toward a common CAUSE. A successful business needs more than just a product of service to sell – it needs a meaningful reason WHY the world should care about their product or service.


Customers need to see that their purchase is bring them closer to a cause they care about. And employees need to see that their work contributes to something important, that they’re helping to make the world a little bit better.


Ultimately, people aren’t motivated by products or services.


They’re motivated by the feelings those things give them.


And the greatest companies in the world not only understand why their product matters, but also know how to communicate a feeling that people can rally around.


BCorp is a company that gives me this kind of feeling.


Their mission is to create a global standard that tracks the activities of for-profit businesses with social causes, and holds them accountable for practicing what they preach.


And they’re damn good at communicating that goal. They’ve already rallied over 2300 businesses, from 50+ countries, in 130 Industries around their mission. Businesses who are not only creating amazing products, but also doing amazing things to make the world a better place .


The companies rated highly by BCorp aren’t non-profits – they’re out to make money.


But they still work to advance a cause that is greater than the products or services they are selling. Those causes motivate and inspire everyone –  from their employees, to their customers, to their leaders  – to support the company every day in accomplishing both their business and social goals. This connection gives employees more than just a company to work at, and gives customers more than just a commodity to purchase. It gives them a feeling of contributing to a cause they actually care about.


That’s how I know BCorp, and BCorp certified companies, are going to be around for a very long time.


In fact, part of our mission at Honest Empires was inspired by BCorp. We believe that social entrepreneurs deserve our support – because their mission is to support the world and make it a better place.


I know the struggles of starting a social enterprise, from tough personal experience. I remember feeling so passionately about my vision for change that I never invested my time into learning the necessary skills to launch, grow or market my businesses.


That’s why, after 3 failed attempts at building a social enterprise 10 years ago, I’ve spent the last five years honing my business, sales, and marketing skills, growing my agency and working as a business strategy and marketing consultant to over 100 companies.


Now I’m ready to give back – and Honest Empires is the vehicle.


Our mission is to help socially conscious leaders grow their businesses and make an impact on the world.


We do this in 2 ways:


  • By working with leaders of for-profit companies who don’t currently have a clear cause, identify a cause worth fighting for, and communicate that cause to every stakeholder, from customers to employees, and even leadership.


And 2) By helping entrepreneurs with missions of social change launch their businesses, giving them the knowledge, the tools, and the support they need to build a business that makes a difference in the world through our Social Enterprise Launch Program.


In short, our mission is to help bring more BCorp Certified companies to life – and help socially conscious businesses keep scaling up, so they can make a BIGGER positive impact.


That is the Honest Empires mission for change.


This is social enterprise attempt #4 – and I will not fail this time.


For more information about the upcoming BETA release of the Social Enterprise Launch program, visit:

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