"I'm on a mission uncover the motivation behind human decision"

- Sina Fak

In 2011…

I started a conversion optimization consulting agency that focused on customer behaviour, buyer mindset, and sales psychology.

Our objective was to help businesses improve their sales, customer engagement, and brand advocacy through relationship building, rather than cookie-cutter sales tactics.

A large part of our work involved understanding the mindset of customers throughout their buying journey, identifying success and failure points within the relationship building process that contributed to customers actually “making a purchase”.

To date, my agency has served over 100 companies on 3 continents on strategy and conversion optimization projects.

In 2016 I had a revelation…

I noticed that all customer buying decisions were driven by 3 things:

1) Their goals

2) Who they wanted to become

& 3) What they wanted to contribute to the world

And the better an organization can communicate how their product or service contributed to those 3 things, the stronger the relationship, engagement, motivation, and trust they would build with their customers.

Moreover, I noticed that this theory applied to people and all aspects of their lives.

The better people understand how their decisions are contributing to the 3 Pillars of Human Decision, the more engagement, motivation, and performance you would see in their work and in their lives.

That is why today, I am on a mission to help organizational teams get clarity on the 3 Pillars.

Because I believe...

That in order to be motivated, engaged, and at the peak of your performance, youneed to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, who you want to be and how you want to contribute to the world.

And you need to use this vision as a lens through which you evaluate every decision and as tool with which you inspire others to support you in achieving your mission long-term.

Because the better people understand how their work is bringing them closer to their goals, who they want to be and what they want to contribute to the world, the more people will feel inspired by the work they do.



The more people have a clear vision of why they work, the more people will feel inspired by the work they do.